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Situation of the Latvian Manor Houses

Schloss Krimulda in Lettland


Having participated in the Wendish Crusades under Henry the Lion, or later in evangelical missions of the Baltic and the conquests of the Teutonic Order, the knights who had travelled to this region were rewarded with land. As a result, impressive architectural complexes have sprung up on these great estates over the centuries.

Whether under the rule of the Order, the Swedes or the Russian Empire, the variety of influences combined and culminated in the development of the Baltic manor style. The political unrest of the 20th century ended the periods of occupation, whilst also leaving the great Baltic properties as victims too.

However, despite all the abuse and destruction during the dark Soviet era, a surprising number of houses have survived as monuments of their time. Preserved architecture is an invaluable source of history. Not only do these properties bear significance as architectural records, but they can also provide insight and contribute to the general history of the country. Architecture is a true reflection of the life and fates of a country. With such a varied and dynamic past, these architectural documents become even more relevant as a historical language.

The properties listed on our site reflect the spectrum of architectural styles and forms, but also the current condition of these Latvian manors. With this process of private involvement, an astounding number of houses in this small country have been preserved and, in present day, show the fresh breath of life they have been given. We hope the properties listed here will receive that same gift.

As in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, these properties are also an important part of the tourism infrastructure of Latvia. Every restored and revitalized farmhouse is not only an important element of local culture but also something locals from the region identify with.

Along with the search for new owners for these homes, we want to make a small contribution to the bringing together of a European region that has so much shared history and a common heritage. With Janis Lazdans and Manfred Achtenhagen, both owners of manor houses in this country, you have partners who can offer you expertise and advice on all matters of acquisition, renovation and use.

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