▪ Renovation and conversion of Gutshof Ludorf into a family-run country retreat. Development of marketing concepts for the Gutshof Ludorf, 1998 – 2000

▪ Development of a tourist project for the estates of Mecklenburg’s “Holiday in Gutsdorf”, known as the European LEADER+ Project, 2003 – 2005 (internationally recognised and awarded in Brussels as an outstanding project for the marketing of historic houses in rural regions).

▪ Creation of a training program for historical tour guides who specialise in castles, manor houses and mansions, as well as parks and gardens (together with the IHK Stralsund), 2004

▪ Development of a renovation, conversion and exhibition plan for the Gutshof Boek (in cooperation with exhibition manager Kessler & Co.) 2010

▪ Consultation and concept development for the Three Queens Palace in Mirow, 2009/2010

▪ Project development and overall project management for the Welcome Centre of the Mecklenburg Lake District Museum (2003-2007)

▪ Project management of the renovation of Retzow Castle (since March 2012, ongoing project)

▪ Project management of the security, renovation and conversion of the Castle Ivenack Estate (since November 2012, ongoing project)


▪ Development of a field-tested manual for owners or administrators of historic houses, with advice on renovation, conversion and marketing. German partner of the European INTERREG III b project “Castles of Tomorrow”, 2005 – 2007

▪ Enhancement of tourism and related economic benefits, especially in rural areas and in connection with large nature reserves. European INTERREG III b projects “High Quality Tourism 1 and 2”, 2001 – 2005

▪ Development of a network of tourism information centres in Ukraine. European TWINNING project on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics, 2005/6