Suddenbach Manor

Suddenbach 20


  • Year of construction: 1910
  • Location: Livonia, about 66 km to Riga, 5 km to Malpils
  • Address: “Dūniņi”, Mālpils district, 57.035271, 24.941404
  • Property area: manor house – 1,474 sqm, additional buildings include horse stable, barn, servants house, hunting lodge and 2 blocks of flats
  • Plot size: 258,100 sqm
  • Owner: Private
  • Price: 3,000,000 Euros
  • Commission: 3.5% incl. VAT for the buyer
  • Cancellation Policy


Suddenbach Manor derives its name from the river/brook (in Latvian, Bukas) of the same name and was initially owned by the Teutonic Order. The first feudal lord was Wilhelm von Harden, but then, during the Polish time of Livonia, was acquired and awarded in 1584 to Major Thomas von Bock by King Stephen Bathory. The estate remained in the family until 1730. After this time, it became property of the von Bruing family, the von Gersdroff family, the Delwig barony and then, eventually, the von Barber family. Finally, Erwin Baron Wolff acquired the property.

Only a few mansions in Livonia, which were rebuilt by Otto Wildau after the devastating arson of 1905, have survived to this day. This includes the estate of Suddenbach. The manor house is ideally situated on the scenic banks of the Suda River. Renovation work on the manor house has already begun.

The main house has a total usable area of ​​1,474 sqm. The ground floor alone has an area of ​​445 sqm and consists of a reception area, several lounges, 2 halls, a dining room, a kitchen, a cloakroom, 2 bathrooms, toilets, a terrace and verandas. The second floor has an area of ​​354 sqm and there are two spacious apartments planned for this part of the house. Additionally, the upper level has an area of ​​369 sqm and is planned to host 3 apartments. A wellness area with a pool, a gym and a sauna is planned for the lower/underground level.

Another planned project is to use the 4.5 hectare mill pond to generate electricity.

The purchase price also includes all the necessary furniture for the manor – a collection of Biedermeier furniture, including chandeliers.