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Groß Köthel Manor

The small village of Groß Köthel lies hidden in a valley in Mecklenburg-Switzerland. The manor house was built around 1900. With attention to detail, it has been completely restored from 2003 to 2011 and is in a very neat condition.

Mirow Castle

The city of Mirow is the heart of the Mecklenburg Kleinseenplatte. South of the castle island, surrounded on two sides by the water, is the complex of the “Lower Castle”. The castle was built in 1735 and served as the residence of the non-governing Duke Karl of Mecklenburg. Here was born the later English Queen Charlotte.

Lübzin Manor

Lübzin is embedded in the gentle landscape of Mecklenburg. One of the few undeveloped estate ensembles with lakeside and park. A beautiful park stocked with a considerable amount of old trees stretches along the lake. Additional areas around the lake can be purchased.

Fincken Manor

Fincken is located west of the Müritz. 1972 and 1993 was a complete reconstruction of the house for hotel use. Modern renovation of the entire house necessary. Spacious lake property with swimming area and boat dock.