Fincken Manor

Fincken 1


  • Year of construction: 1801
  • Location: 35 km south from Waren (Müritz), 5 km from the A19
  • Address:  Hofstr. 11, 17209 Fincken, LK Mecklenburgische Seenplatte
  • Manor Complex: 27 rooms, shower, restroom, guest accommodation: 36 rooms (dilapidated)
  • Heritage protection: limited to the hall
  • Building area: approx. 2,000 sqm (main building, various outbuildings)
  • Total usable area of structural assets: 13,028 sqm
  • Property size: 47.624 sqm
  • Owner: Privately owned
  • Price: bid requested
  • Cancellation Policy


LLocated about 20 km west of Lake Müritz, Fincken is also easily reached from Berlin in 90 minutes via the A19.  The neoclassical manor was originally built in 1801 as a two-storey, multi-axled plaster structure for the family of Count von Blücher. The hall-like annex is built in the Tudor style and dates from 1850-60. Later, around 1970, the property was renovated and structurally secured. In the years 1972 and 1993, the property was completely reconstructed and adapted for use as a hotel. The bungalows outside the main complex were built in 1982 and are somewhat dilapidated. A modernisation of the property will be necessary. Additionally, the property features a spacious lake with a swimming area and dock, as well as a park along the lake with interesting plant life.