Niendorf Manor


  • Year of construction:  1850/1924
  • Location: 3 km southeast of Teterow on the B104
  • Property size: Manor house: ground floor approx. 420 sqm, upper level approx. 250 sqm, steward house: ground floor – approx. 250 sqm, upper level extension – approx. 150 sqm
  • Plot size: approx. 3,100 sqm
  • Owner: Private
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Commission: 3.5% plus the legally required VAT
  • Cancellation policy


Just 3 km southeast of Teterow on the B104 lies the former estate of Niendorf.First mentioned in 1297 when it was acquired by the Dargun Monastery, the estate began a second life after secularisation and became a domain of its own. The whole estate complex is well preserved and utilised with large barns and stables.

The manor, built with red bricks around the mid-19th century, is one-story high with a raised mansard roof and an L-shaped layout. The eastern gable side extends to two-storeys. Behind, with the steeply sloping terrain, is a high cellar made of stone. The two-storey extension was added in 1924 and the entrance porch area was also created around this time. The house is extensively cellared and, in the interior, features many intact and original doors, stairs and windows.

The house has been empty for many years. Unfortunately, the misuse and lack of maintenance during the GDR period, as well as the long vacancy, have left their mark. However, the potential for renovation and redevelopment is clear.

Also for sale is half of the former residential building, located northwest of the manor. Available here is a ground floor of 250 sqm and an expandable upper level.

The property adjoins the village pond and features a very old yew tree, as well as a grove of mature trees with two strong oaks.