Lübzin Manor

Lübzin-2018 - 2


  • Year of construction: approx. 1820/1911
  • Address: 18249 Lübzin, LK Rostock
  • Property area: Castle – approx. 1,800 sqm
  • Plot size: Castle and park area – approx. 2.0 ha
  • Owner: Private
  • Price: on request (VAT can be shown)
  • Commission: 3.5% incl VAT for the buyer
  • Cancellation Policy


Lübzin is nestled in the gentle hills of the Warnow Valley, between Sternberg and Güstrow. First documented in 1261, the estate has changed hands many times and only as of 1787 remained with one family (Hillmann) for several generations. The first manor house existed until the year 1784. The Hillmann family then built the modest one-storey predecessor of the current manor house between 1819 and 1822. Today’s castle-like appearance of the Lübzin Mansion is due to the complete renovation work of the architect Paul Korff in 1911. The house was raised by one floor and received a mansard roof. The 15-axled mansion is crowned with a clock tower.

The non-specific basic renovation has now started. The roof truss was repaired, various beam layers replaced and new floors were poured. Additionally, the portico and the façade were restored according to preservation standards. Furthermore, a complete dry rot renovation was undertaken.

A beautiful park stocked with a considerable amount of old trees runs along the lake. Additional areas around the lake may also be purchased.

With both a lakefront and park, this is one of the few remaining unspoilt estate complexes. A tourism project for the area has already been developed and approved, and now awaits implementation.