Speck – The Lakehouse


  • Year of construction: 1994/2004
  • Location: In the Müritz national park, Waren (Müritz) is approx. 15 km away
  • Address: LK Mecklenburg Lake District, 17192 Kargow, OT Speck, Speck 27
  • Building size (House 1): approx. 227 sqm
  • Building size (House 2): approx. 287 sqm, Additional usable area: approx. 34 sqm
  • Plot size: approx. 7,464 sqm
  • Owner: Private
  • Purchase price: 1,600,000 Euros
  • Commission: 7,14%, incl. VAT
  • Cancellation Policy


Southeast of Waren, in the midst of the Müritz national park, lies the small village of Speck. The first documented mention of Speck is in 1274. As of the 14th century, the village was a part of Ankershagen and therefore owned by the von Holstein family. From 1752, the von Rohr family took ownership and then in 1812 the property changed hands into the von Haugwitz family.

Finally, in 1929, Speck and the extensive forest areas east of the Müritz were handed over to the Leipzig entrepreneur and State Councillor Dr. Kurt Herrmann. At this time an expansive hunting area was also created. A frequent guest to the region was the enthusiastic hunter, General Field Marshal Hermann Göring.

Today, the national park and village of Speck is an ideal retreat from the busy day-to-day of modern times. Due to its idyllic spot in the national park, the location is surrounded by lakes and untouched nature. Lake Müritz, the largest German lake, is located in the immediate vicinity.

The complex for sale consists of two adjoining residential buildings. House 1 is the former forester’s lodge of the estate and was completely renovated in 1994. It has about 290 sqm of usable space, which is divided into a ground level of approximately 100 sqm, with a centrally located fireplace and access to the kitchen. Above is the spacious upper level with 3 living rooms and the main bathroom.

House 2 is the former barn and was converted in 2004 into a comfortable thatched-roof house. Approx. 287 sqm of living space is spread over 3 levels. These are all connected by a gallery-like staircase. From 2 terraces you have a fantastic view of the national park.

Also on the property: a double carport, a sauna house and a garage. The adjoining second plot is currently undeveloped and features access with a private dock to the lake.
In short, the location of your dreams and a once in a lifetime chance!