Kämmerich Manor


  • Year of construction: 1902
  • Location: approx. 12 km to Dargun, approx. 15 km to Gnoien, 20 min. to A20
  • Address: Kämmerich 26, 17179 Altkalen, OT Kämmerich, Office Gnoien, LK Rostock-Land
  • Property size: front building – 700 sqm, extension – approx. 350 sqm
  • Plot size: 16,076 sqm
  • Owner: Private
  • Price: 795,000 Euros
  • Commission: 3.5%, including VAT for the buyer
  • Cancellation Policy


Situated in a glacial and undulating landscape, the area, formerly a domain of Kämmerich, lies north of Lake Kummerow. The small cities of Dargun and Gnoien are both around 15 minutes away.

Built in 1902, the former tenant house was the centerpiece of the 563-hectare estate. Unfortunately, after 1945 the house suffered the same fate of a few houses in the area and was expropriated. Although it was to be used for different purposes, it was not maintained well. In 2002 the current owners began a complete renovation.

Standing upon a solid stone base, the main house is two-storeys high and features 10×4 axles. The extension was added later and is also two- storeys with a 7×4-axled exterior. Crowning the house is an expansive saddle roof. Additionally, a leafy walkway with steps is set in front of the entrance area. The house is partially-cellared and this area covers about 130 sqm. Overall, the house has about 1000 sqm of usable space.

A liquid gas heater (100 kw) acts as substitute for a wood carburetor (49 kw). The house is connected to the local water network and the sewage is disposed via two drainage-free septic tanks (both of 9000L capacity).

In addition to the rooms of the front building, an additional 7 holiday apartments (ranging from 35 – 120 sqm) were integrated into the house during the building’s conversion into a guesthouse.
The property also includes newly built stables suitable for housing various animals (for further information, please check here:

With a total area of approximately 1.6 hectares, the property also features a section of waterfront of about 150 m and a small boat dock on Lake Kämmerich. Additionally, the large number of fruit trees on the property should not go without mentioning.

The house continues to operate successfully as a holiday guesthouse and has had steady clientele since its opening. In other words, this is an incredible opportunity to secure a rural retreat in one of the nicest holiday spots around.