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This is certainly no usual real estate website, as it refers almost only to castles, manor houses and manor estates of north - eastern Europe. The focus is on Mecklenburg-Pomerania and Brandenburg in Germany and northern Poland.
Our wide ranging offer varies from vanished small manor houses to greatly renovated country castles. Become part of history and convert historic buildings in projects with future! The possibilities are certainly as diverse as your personal imagination. Make your dreams come true - with our help. As we are not just brokers, but support you in your project in any stage, if you wish us to.


Groß Köthel Manor House

Restored classicistical manor house from 1900 in good condition. Located in Mecklenburg Switzerland surrounded by beautiful landscape and other typical country estastes.


Friedrichsdorf Manor House

A manor house from the 18th century in excellent position, only 5 km to the Baltic sea. The offer includes a large park, which borders to a little lake, surrounded by unspoiled nature.


Rönkendorf Manor House

Completely modernized manor house between Mecklenburg and Pomerania, close to the town of Tribsees. Large manor park with old trees and a garden is part of the offer.



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